Electric shaver Test

Which is the best?New electric shaver in TestSummary records of the electric shaver test from an image. The fully equipped, most expensive electric shavers offer in practice a bit more quality. However, it is important to weigh whether one of the charge from the low entry level to luxury razor still tastes or kicks to the stomach. The positive news is that you can not go wrong, except to opt out of an electric shaver.

19 electric shaver in the leaderboard


Philips One Blade


Hardly an electric shaver playing on shaving foils or the principle of rotation and in the price range of OneBlades can compare with him. The Philips ONE blade razor is our test king.


Braun Series 9


The Series 9 von Braun is the luxury among the razors. Those who want to indulge in the luxury is the best advice here. Anyone who wants to save a little money can, however, safely Over at the more favorable Series. 9


Panasonic ES-LV9N and ES LV6N



Panasonic applies on German soil since rather a secret, because big advertising drums and test participation inevitable. We also look at the latest model of Panasonic as a much more advanced than anything else gets to see here. Panasonic makes easy. And what has been tried with the new top model works and can not be ignored.


Braun Series 7



Braun Series 7 is our winner. Here one of the optimal mix of luxury and value is on offer. Here we can make a full purchase recommendation!


Panasonic ES LV S803


The S803 Panasonic is a terrific good razor, which merely lacks publicity. An eternal secret which has never reached the level in Germany, which he deserved. The reason is the absence of advertising and also that the Stiftung Warentest Panasonic has always boycotted.



Braun Series 3


The Series 3 does everything right. Quality and especially the price right. Apparently we want Germans simply increasing. would suffice also a Series 3!


Braun Series 5



The Series 5 is the most appealing of all priced Braun Series and plays technically in a league of its own. The adjustment joyful shaving heads are specifically the Series 5 is available. even the Series 7 or the new Series 9 build on the old shaving heads. In practice, the Series 5 is to name the major in one sentence.



Philips Series 9000


As much as one would experience even stronger competitive fight, Philips is unable, the eternal rivals Brown to stand up. This is less at trial, as in the failed technology, which seems to limit itself. Rotary shaver is not come to the foil shavers in terms of thoroughness and efficiency.



Electric Shaver Review

A new wave of electric shavers has been washed ashore, in the shops and warehouses of online retail. Philips, Braun, Panasonic, as well as Remington send new production models in the race to be compared to one-upmanship. On the whole, not much has changed compared to last year. The manufacturers still rely on the tried and tested systems. Braun and Panasonic based on foil shaver that could be improved in its function itself only in nuances. Philips is continuing to work in order to enforce the principle of rotation. We could even reported no progress the top model from Philips. Remington as marginal attempts at both systems and provides both Scherfolien- and rotary shaver for small budgets.

Cheap and good or expensive and something better?

In the run should looming, how the market has developed. With a trained eye can determine how a ranking would put together without much effort. The real question, which today employs also us and can give an answer only the purchaser himself is whether the value of a top model justifies the cost. We're talking about differences of 150 to 200 €. Even cheap razors do their work, and the projection of the advertised as the best models is small. Of course we are talking about personal care, in every millimeter counts and can make a big difference. Now all razors come to a similar good result. Only the best selection were able to get a measurable, visible and tangible benefit. Notably, the Brauns Series 7, or 9. Away from the best exposed razor in testing the quality is rather determined by the price. The practical differences are negligible and provide the equipment as a more important criterion to the front.

Amenities Einmaleins

·         Wet & Dry 
Under the slogan Wet & Dry is understood that the shaver is completely waterproof and therefore operation is made possible under the shower. The purpose of this application is far from us. Electric shaver not do their work in the usual quality, when used under running water. Moreover, the water sets the blade, or shaving foils, so that longevity has made losses. The greatest flaw, however, is that a waterproof shaver for security reasons does not allow network operation. If the battery of the shaver so times be empty again, the operation of the cable is not possible.

·         Network operation 
As already described under "Wet & Dry", the function of the network operation is an important. The advertisers do not understand the practical value of this property seems to apply rather that a shaver is waterproof. One can follow the rule of thumb that a razor that is waterproof does not allow network operation and a razor that enables network operation is not waterproof.

·         Cleaning Station 
Cleaning Station is the symbol of the western world. It will be embedded as a king, and because you sleep so well and has no great needs more, it also takes care of the products, a make life easier. The refrigerator with ice function, the camera as a peephole, automatic parking aids. A clear recommendation can not give you. As long as the blades or the foil is not used under water, the durability thereof unermässlich long. A Replacement head is cheaper than a cleaning station in its acquisition and maintenance, demands no fixed place in the bathroom and does not require follow-up costs. Despite all the demoralizing words a cleaning station is a little "fine", something that can one give pleasure. Who wants them, they should acquire. The price and the subsequent costs are not worth mentioning.