Acne by Shaving

Acne by shaving? Dry or wet?

Men with acne know the "Problem": The stubble grow again after, but one (s) is afraid that shaving the acne maybe worse. There is also the question of what shaving irritates the skin less, the dry or wet shave? For acne principle applies: the shaving should be necessarily carried out so gentle to the skin as possible.

A question of attitude? Wet vs. dry shaving

Men who attach great importance to a close shave, prefer wet shaving. It is considered the more accurate method for removing facial hair. The skin feels after a good wet shave very smooth and supple. The disadvantage of the wet shave is particularly in acne known as the "razor bumps". Some men suffer in the wet shaving real torment - the advantage, however, the peeling effect. The upper skin cells are already in shaving achieved and maintained the skin simultaneously.

With the help of a few simple tips and good toiletries is wet shaving with acne also no problem.

1. shave before showering

Always shave before showering. While showering the skin swells, the stubble can then remove bad.

2. Use shaving cream

Not without aids shave, because by the brief action of shaving cream are softer and easier to remove the hair. The already strained acne skin will not be charged additionally. A shaving cream such as Roche Posay XY Homme Shaving Foam , Avene Shaving or Vichy Homme Shaving Foam Anti irritation use of optimally protects the skin during shaving and skin irritation reduces. Is also often recommended the Rassierschaum of Nivea, which was specially developed for sensitive skin. Soothing ingredients like allantoin and LHA prevent "razor bumps" and moisturize. Non-greasy textures that are non-comedogenic, are particularly suitable for shaving in acne .

3. Check blades

Especially men should suffer from acne only using a razor sharp and clean blades. The blade should be changed regularly and thoroughly cleaned after use. There are now countless providers of wet razors , blades of double to quintuple blades each type is represented - which one uses (n) is to some extent taste and price question.

4. properly shaving

Whatever the razor you choose, the classic order when shaving is: First, cheeks, neck after shaving upper lip and chin, since there the stubble are more and require a longer soak time. With his free hand, you can stretch the skin slightly to support the shaving. Men know that only the shave "against the grain" is really thoroughly, but is particularly recommended for acne only gentle to the skin to shave in the direction of hair growth and for that you use a quality razor with a sharp blade.

5. aftertreatment

The face with warm water and a gentle cleaning lotion as Zeniac Waschgel or Avene cleansing lotion for sensitive skin than clean. To prevent Folliculitis and new pimples after shaving to emfpiehlt the specially developed PAPULEX cleanser and then the PAPULEX gel . An especially mild aftershave, like Avene After Shave Balm , can also help skin irritations to prevent and promote skin regeneration. Very important: Do not use perfume, the ingredients of perfume irritate the skin and can lead to new skin irritations. More suitable is the disinfection with specially developed for acne aftershave or tonic.

6. Additional: Conservative cover

More and more men come to the "taste". What had previously been regarded among men as taboo is becoming increasingly popular: Discreet makeup, which covers blemishes specifically - "makeup" but without looking. Men who want to know how to do it and what products there for find all the details in the article pimples cover (also for men) .

shave 7. Rare

Who can do without daily shaving also from time to time, the skin is the ability to regenerate. A well-maintained "3 Tage Bart" is difficult even in fashion. The hairs can be doing best with a beard trimmer "trim", which has a corresponding article (often also adjustable). Particularly gentle on the skin is a trimmer, but then will often shave necessary.

dry shaving

The dry shaving with an electric razor is preferred mainly by men who like a quick and comfortable shave. For acne, the dry shaving irritates the skin less, but a dry shave is not as thorough as wet shaving. The following tips provide a good feel to the skin with acne after dry hair:

Tips 1 as in the wet shave up

2. Clean the shaving head thoroughly

When electric dry shaver must as opposed to wet shaving note less. The modern razors are already optimally adapted to the unevenness of the facial skin in men. Especially important in dry hair: The shaving head needs to be cleaned thoroughly after each shave, otherwise lurk in dry shaver old stubble that bring bacteria to the skin during the next shaving. This can lead to skin irritation and new pimples. There mitterweile but even self-cleaning electric shaver .

Treatment and covering, tips 5, 6, 7, as in the wet shave

A matter of taste

Every man is different, some swear by a wet shave other on the dry shave with acne . Everyone should find out for themselves what form of shaving he preferred. The wet shaving will irritate the skin more - dry shaving should be less thorough. Men who do not want to give up their wet shave, but suffer from irritated skin, often helps a change of shaving cream or regular replacement of blades. Even now and then a change between dry and wet shaving can be helpful.