electric shaver Women

What should you consider when buying an electric shaver Women


If you want to buy an electric shaving Women, reflect the characteristics and models of different razor should be known. Furthermore, the buyer should also have a basic knowledge about the use of an electric shaver women, since the handling of a wet razor blades with safety differs greatly. In subsequent we will in our Ladyshaver test everything worth knowing what it is about electric Ladyshaver, bring it closer.


Models and characteristics of electrical Ladyshaver

 On the market there are many brands and models of electric Ladyshaver, but all operate on one of two basic principles. Furthermore provide various razor different characteristics, among which you can choose. It is important that differ greatly from the Ladyshaver models Men shaver. This is due to the fact that men beards typically consist of coarse hair in a relatively small area, whereas the hair of women are finer and distributed over a larger area. (Arms and legs)


Foil shaver vs. rotary shaver

There are two different types of electric shavers: foil and rotary shavers. The differences are presented in the following in our Ladyshaver test:

Foil shaver :

A foil shaver consists of several blades that move back and forth. These blades are housed under a thin mesh foil. When you create the razor close to the skin and move it back and forth, then enter the hair through the grid sheet and are cut by the blade. This prevents that the razor damaged skin. For safety reasons, the grid sheet should therefore always be checked and replaced if necessary. Some users think that foil shaver achieve a closer shave than rotary shaver.

However, some longer hair problems have to penetrate through the mesh sheet, so that a hair removal would be preferable means of razors or wax. After entering the first stubble can then be used the foil shaver. Overall, however, more foil shavers are still used as a rotation shaver. This is the result of Ladyshaver test came after thorough research.



A rotary shaver has a plurality of circular blades, normally three or four, which are attached to the shaving head. When shaving razor in circular motions must be moved over the skin. Compared to the foil shaver of rotary shaver has no security film that protects the skin from cuts; instead of a safety film used a rotary shaver another method as a safety measure. Here draw the rotating razor the hair into the blade, where the hair is cut. The rotary shaver allows thus enter only fine hair into the blade and not the skin. Users of rotary shavers are of the opinion that this shaving method causes less skin irritation; However, this of course also states that such a shaving is not thorough.


Wet / Dry Shaver:

A wet / dry shaver allows users either by means of shaving gel, lotion or cream wet or dry to shave. The shaver can be immersed in a rule completely in water, the user should always pay attention to the safety information. Some razors are indeed waterproof, but may not be completely submerged in water.


The most popular brands of electric Ladyshaver

It is possible to find a variety of electrical Ladyshaver which are of varying quality. In our Ladyshaver test, see the following the most popular electric Ladyshaver:


Ladyshaver Test - Tips for use and application

An electric Ladyshaver is fundamentally different in the application for a safety razor or depilatory cream. Make sure you that every step will be understood before making a purchase.

Five Steps to dry shave with an electric razor

1.            Clean the area to be treated with a mild, non-drying soap one.

2.            A gentle peeling, eg using a washcloth or a mask is advantageous to remove dead skin and straighten hair to be treated, thereby shaving easier.

3.            Dry the face.

4.            Switch on the shaver and shave against the direction of hair growth. The legs and arms of the razor should thereby always be guided upwards.

5.            Make sure that after shaving a moisturizer is used.

Most users of an electric shaver women believe that the skin approximately one month needed to get used to the different functions of the blades. The skin is at this time a bit more dry and irritated his than usual. These initial symptoms are normal and will subside after a few weeks. Women found in our Ladyshaver test even that shaving was more thoroughly after this adjustment period.

Steps for wet shaving with an electric razor

Wet shaving means that eg moistened his legs before shaving using shaving cream or soap. However, it must be noted that the razor must not be used with oil or body lotion, as this may clog the blades. The steps for the use of a wet razor are the same as those of the wet shave using safety blade.

The maintenance of an electric shaver

Unlike disposable razors electric shavers must be cleaned regularly. Using the brush included in Rasiererset you are able to remove any remaining hair or dander of the blade after use. Furthermore there is the possibility to clean the shaver head under running water. It is always helpful to read the manual to know all the necessary cleaning measures. As already mentioned above, of course, the lattice films of the time must be replaced to time.

Where do you find electrical Ladyshaver?

Electric Lady shavers are available at various retailers, including department stores, discount stores, drugstores or pharmacies. Another alternative would be the purchase of the net. Through our Ladyshaver test you have the option of to make home purchases and compare the best razor.


For women, their legs, underarms and bikini line quickly without water or shaving foam like shaving , an electric shaver can be the right solution. Without elaborate preparation an electric shaver can be easily turned on and used immediately, so it is perfectly made for last minute action.

Buyers can choose between foil shavers and rotary shavers and also choose between different properties such as dry / wet shave or cordless models. Even if the electrical Ladyshaver requires increased maintenance, many women feel that are always on the move and do not have much time, that the comfort of an electric shaver makes the maintenance intervals are up for it.