Perfectly Shaved

Perfectly shaved in just 3 steps


The Parisian cult Barbierin Sarah Daniel-Hamizi gives you tips for proper shave. Shaving sensitive skin in just three steps.

1. The right razor

Nowadays, there are plenty of wet razors with multi-blades that save time and minimize the risk of skin irritation. Even extras like gel strips and movable blade heads offer real comfort during shaving. Grasp with impurities, pimples and a still growing beard for electric shaver with two or three heads. Choosing the right razor is decisive for a perfect shave. Take time for yourself and decide according to your needs.

2. Care for your skin

Hydrating and invigorating care facilitates shaving enormous. Soothe your skin with a shave gel or foam, so the blade can slide smoothly over the skin. Even a slight steam opens the pores and softens the skin, so that the shaving is as gentle as possible. After shaving, you can use a natural alum who maintains small incisions through the contained minerals and avoids irritation.

3. Perfect shave

Electric Shaver use before showering because the beard must be firm. The wet shaving is particularly suitable as the hair and skin are softer after showering. Make sure when wet shaving always ensure sufficient apply shave gel or foam. To avoid dry spots, which are extremely irritable. Shave first in growth direction and then the opposite. Stretch the skin with your fingers to shave as thoroughly as possible and perfect. With the electric shaver make circular or linear movements without exerting pressure. Soothe your skin then in any case with an alum and apply a soothing moisturizer, to protect them against environmental stress. Recommended is a weekly exfoliation to give your complexion freshness.